RG570 Engine rolling chassis and more

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RG570 Engine rolling chassis and more

Post by mellorp » Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:48 am

I have a 570 engine and a load of RG bits I'm selling as a job lot for £6k. Or I might sell the engine with std gearbox and clutch for £5k

PM me if interested


RG570 engine barrels
PV fitted but no actuator mechanisms for the cables
PV motor
Cables, I think they are PV cables but unsure
Std ignition
Heads with thermostat and temp sensor
8 x disk valves
4 x disk valve covers (need new coating)
2 x std gearbox
3 x std clutch with some Mark Dent shims
4 crank webs, don't know if it's a front or rear sorry
Oil pump
4 x std carbs
2 x race looms incl ignition boxes
2 x coils
Engine bolts
RGB fibreglass fairing with 2 x nose cones
RG400 frame with V5
2 x clip ons
Bag of spindles
2 x std swing arms 1 x wheel adjusters
1 x std triple clamps (needs bottom bearing)
1 x std forks (need re-chrome)
1 x shorter forks (wider and shorter than std, won't fit these yokes but I think the internals are the same)
1 x std front wheel
4 x front disks (some are knackered)
1 x straight spoke RF600 front wheel 17x3.5
1 x curved spoke GSX600 front wheel 17x3.5
1 x curved spoke RGV front wheel 17x3.0
1 x speedo drive
2 x std rear wheels carrier cush drive rubbers and disk
1 x gsxr400 rear wheel carrier cush drive rubbers and disk with spacers to fit std spindle and swing arm
1 x gsxr400 underslung rear brake

Big pile of std exhausts

Plus anything else I can find to throw in, but it will be duplicates of the above

No tank
No Radiator or hoses
No clocks
No ignition switch
No Indicators

First person to turn up with a van and £6k can drive it all away

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