Brake master cylinder component cross-references

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Brake master cylinder component cross-references

Post by James P » Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:10 am

Following on from my initial post on this topic (viewtopic.php?f=12&t=11384), I have discovered some more information on more parts:


On stripping secondhand master cylinders, I have frequently been unable to remove the connectors (Items 1 and 2) without damaging them. Some come out easily enough, but others just won't budge - not handy if you suspect a blockage of the passages between the bore and the reservoir connection, or just want to clean out the master cylinder properly.
The boot on the front master cylinder (Item 3) is nearly always torn. Even if the boot on the rear master cylinder (Item 4) is intact, it is easy to damage it during removal.

Luckily the "Big Four" Japanese makers use Nissin master cylinders on many models AND many of their individual components are identical. Below are the part numbers which can be used to obtain the correct items in place of the "Genuine Kawasaki" parts.

Item 1 - Front brake master cylinder connector (KR250C and D models only):

Kawasaki 13159-1061
Suzuki 59672-17C00
Yamaha not yet found as separate part
H0nda 45503-KV3-006

Item 2 - Rear brake master cylinder connector

Kawasaki 13159-1056
Suzuki 69672-00B20
Yamaha perhaps 2VN-25824-50 or perhaps 4ML-F582A-50 (to be confirmed)
H0nda 43503-KS6-701

Item 3 - Front brake master cylinder piston boot

Kawasaki 49016-1044
Suzuki 59666-44300
Yamaha 5G2-25868-00
H0nda 45504-410-003

Item 4 - Rear brake master cylinder piston boot

Kawasaki not yet found as separate part
Suzuki 69691-00A00
Yamaha perhaps 5D7-F583H-00 (to be confirmed)
H0nda 43504-MB2-006

If anyone can confirm any of the unknowns above, or can expand on the list of parts for cross-reference, please let us know.


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