Nitron Shocks now available.

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Nitron Shocks now available.

Post by RickNC30 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:23 am

As per my post a few months ago, I sent a KR1 shock to Nitron and they have finally got around to designing and building a replacement.

At the moment they are only listing NTR R2 (Track) and NTR R3 (Race) shocks in their web shop but they can also supply the non-reservoir NTR R1 (Sport) version if required, list price £438 inc. VAT.

If anyone is looking to buy one of these shocks you are welcome to contact me ( ) as I can supply them at a better price than you will pay going direct to Nitron.

Contrary to expectations, the shocks will not come with ride height adjustment - this is simply because at 270mm centre to centre the shock is too short to allow the fitment of a threaded bottom clevis and locknut - however if you want one built to an over stock length it will be no problem (if you are wanting to raise the rear end of your KR, this will save you the cost of a set of jackup links).


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